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Project Debby Inc. is a non profit national domestic violence program that places victims of domestic violence in complimentary hotel rooms. Our primary purpose is to provide alternative emergency housing options to victims and survivors of domestic violence. We also ask hoteliers & retailers to donate amenities such as soaps, shampoos, toiletries, towels, linens, furniture, mattresses or dishes that will go directly to women in need and to shelters. We have placed thousands of victims are across the country for over fifteen years.

We ask local hotels to donate complimentary rooms based upon their availability. We do not ask for advance room commitments. If we are in need of a room in an area, we will call ahead and request a one to three day stay. A Project Debby representative checks the client into the hotel under an assumed name and stays in touch with her during her stay.

We collaborate with local domestic violence agencies and social service agencies that screen and refer victims to our program. Our clients are instructed on the rules and regulations of their confidential hotel stay.

Project Debby Inc. was started by hotel executive Naomi Potash in 1991. We have programs operating throughout the United States and are currently working with hundreds of hotels across the country. This program has been honored with numerous awards including being the recipient of Oprah’s Angel Network, J C Penny Golden Rule Award and The Florida Governor's Peace at Home Award. We have also been positively recognized in many national magazines including "People Magazine", "Readers Digest", "Marie Claire" and "Family Circle"and numerous newspapers.



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